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How to Be Effective in the Job Search Process

The onus of a solid job search process rests with an applicant. Learn how to be effective in the job search process. While seeking employment, one should, first of all, be sure as to the type of work one wants to accomplish; including specific duties and working hours. Knowing one’s skills and abilities and how they could be applied to a certain employer or area of specialization, within the marketplace, are key components to obtaining one’s preferred job.

Does an employer have an equal responsibility to potential applicants? To fairly value everyone’s time – both the employer’s and that of potential candidates – the employer should create detailed and accurate job descriptions. If a position is listed as being a work from home job, then it should solely require one to perform the job duties from home only. Likewise, if the job will require one to attend events and to meet with potential clients, then such a job should not be posted as being a work from home opportunity.

There is no purpose served by inaccurate job descriptions. Surely the employer and the prospective employee will both have wasted their time, if a candidate applies to a job based on the listed description, only to find out that the job is not as it was posted. After a short or long interview process, with numerous questions being asked and many answers provided, both the employer and candidate will have invested valuable time and energy. If there is no potential for a meeting of the minds and for an available job to be filled, then no purpose will have been served by the conference.

As a precursor, to accepting an invitation to an interview, an applicant should reiterate the job posting and confirm the duties as listed, during the initial discussion. Also, a candidate should project confidence when asking questions. The applicant has just as much right to be sure about the employment terms, and the work duties, as does the employer. After all, it is the potential employee who, if hired, will be fulfilling the requirements of the job.

Just as the employer strives to structure the interview process, likewise, the applicant can also direct the consultation method. This balance of equality is extremely important, for both parties to the employment agreement, especially when an offer of employment is being extended and accepted. During negotiations, for salary, benefits and hours of work, an applicant should demonstrate composure.

Rather than seeming eager to accept the advertised remuneration, one should negotiate the compensation through an intelligent dialogue. While one might need employment, one should realize that once one will be employed and achieving great work for one’s employer, one will want to be paid according to the value of one’s productivity. This consideration should be contemplated, therefore, before one signs the employment agreement. All of these items of consideration are relevant for how to be effective in the job search process.

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