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How To Get the Job You Want

If you are really interested in obtaining a specific job or career opportunity, be sure to apply correctly. Submit your application in the prescribed form, or according to the process set out, for so doing. Indicate your desire to work in the defined role, and showcase your talents with great enthusiasm, on your Career Profile and CV.

By the way, I came across a great article the other day, which explained the difference between a CV and a Résumé. Apparently the documents are not the same, as commonly thought. A CV or Curriculum Vitae (literally – life plan) is a professional document that contains a work record. It also lists: professional designations, certifications, note-worthy achievements, and contains a brief explanation as to how these expert components can be utilized for the position sought.

Whereas a Résumé is more record of companies where one worked. In a Résumé one will list brief notes about the duties of each job one occupied. The difference between these documents might seem slight, to some job applicants. But there variance is a matter of great distinction, to Human Resources Managers and Hiring or Line Managers.

Once you have determined that you want to secure a professional role, rather than only obtain employment; you will need to conduct your job search process with focus and precision. In addition to creating a CV, rather than a Résumé, you will need to develop a Career Profile. This document could range from a few pages to many; depending on your intended profession / specialization.

A Career Profile contains a compilation of major career achievements. It also details specific phenomenal accomplishments that set you apart from other professionals in your industry. For example, if you are an expert salesperson, you should list your sales quota. Indicate if you met or exceed it. Specifically, state how much you sold and the timeline forecasted. Emphasize whether you met expectations or exceed them. If you are able to sell upwards of a million dollars annually, then certainly you are a ‘hot commodity’, whom any employer wants to employ.

More than stating the sales made, explain your sales methodology and process. Offer an outline only. Do not give away your trade secret. Provide just enough information, in the Career Profile and on your CV, to initiate curiosity by an employer. Once you offer a ‘hint of your scent’, ‘for sales stardom’, many companies will be interested in knowing your secret to success.

At the interview, you can up-sell your unique skills. Dazzle the interviewer, with your key to sales victory. Hopefully, you will receive a job offer before your leave. Do not over-qualify yourself. For some unknown reason managers do not want to hire a candidate who will outshine them.

Regardless of your perception of your presentation skills, at the interview, send a thank you letter. Also, make a follow-up call. Even if through your inquiry, you discover that you are not selected applicant for the position, express appreciation for the meeting. While being professionally courteous, you can request constructive criticism for continuous improvement in your interview process. This is a great impetus for future improvement. At the very least, you might have also created a networking opportunity through meeting with the interviewer. Perhaps they might become a reference too!

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