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Interview Your Interviewer

Interview Your Interviewer – Ask Great Questions During Your Interview

Be a confident and assertive career candidate. Do not seem desperate or needy. You are at the interview to determine with the interviewer if the position being advertised is a match with your skill set.  Be a professional candidate and manage yourself properly during the interview. It is a meeting, similar to many others you have been at, and will soon be attending once part of the team, with the company.

When your interviewer asks you questions about your expected salary, understanding of the requirements of the job and availability to work specific hours; know that this process is a negotiation. You do not need to offer answers quickly. Refer the question to the interviewer as it was posed to you. “What is the specific salary range being offered?” “What salary have other candidates stated they would like to receive for this position?” “I believe I understand the requirements as stated in the job description, but are there other duties of which I should be aware?” “Are there specific hours of work, over and above those stated in the job description?”

A key requirement for the jobseeker is to know the company well and to understand the position being offered. As well, the jobseeker should how the job fits into the overall structure of the company. To whom will the jobseeker be reporting? Who will the jobseeker oversee or interact with, as part of their function in the company? During the interview you should ask the interviewer – how the vacancy arose? Perhaps the job is available because a former employee quit or was dismissed. If this is the situation, then you will want to ask if the role is challenging or if there many unusual responsibilities, of which you should be made aware.  Possibly, the job is available due to growth within the company. The business might be expanding. This is a good sign, for you, as a new employee. This means that there will likely be flexibility with salary, bonuses, benefits and hours of work.

Present yourself as a valuable commodity to the employer. You are someone who can fulfil the job requirements and perform at a greater capacity than your predecessor. You have unique skills that are an exact match with the duties to be met. You must explain clearly that this position fits perfectly with your overall career plan and career path. Therefore, before the interview, anticipate and be prepared to answer the adage – “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Role-play the interview script in advance with a friend or a professional colleague.  Do not be unprepared for any question. Your answers should not, however, seem rehearsed. They should seem natural and sincere.

If the interviewer does not offer you information, about the company’s growth and development, then you should take the initiative, to ask about these details. Also, ask for a tour of the department, where you will be working, and request to meet at least one employee; who would be a direct colleague of yours, once employed. Setting the stage for your inclusion in the company, by knowing the layout of the department, and having met your co-workers, creates an impression that you are already part of the team. If you are permitted to have a tour and to meet current employees, then you should make sure to take notes, of the name of anyone you meet, any interesting details in the design, display or architecture of the department. These particulars will be helpful when composing your follow-up / thank you letter.

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