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I used to work for a company that provided career coaching and job search assistance. One of the services we offered clients was a Market Evaluation Report. This document gave job searchers a glimpse at the future of their career and their place in it.

We researched wages, employment projects, training opportunities and vacancies or prospective job openings with leading industry employers. Job seekers without a Market Evaluation are otherwise unprepared to manage their career. If they do not know the prevailing wage that is prevalent for their job function in their industry, then they will be unprepared to negotiate a raise at their next evaluation.

I proposed to the owner of the employment service that we offer an Education Evaluation Report. This document would provide students who embark an educational journey at College, University or Trade School with resources to plan their educational experience and prepare for the world of work upon graduation. It was amazing to me that schools would not offer a Education Evaluation to students upon applying to course program.

By entering a post-secondary or graduate program and taking out loans to finance your studies, without considering your earning potential upon completion is absurd. You need to make a plan and master your education program, as well as your career.

Your certifications or degrees need to lead you to a solid career and that career must pay you well. To determine in advance what you will be able to earn is smart studying of the type that matters, perhaps more so than the course materials. Being prepared for life is certainly more valuable than being prepared to take a test or exam.

If you live in Ontario, Canada, then there are some tools I can share with you to plan for the cost of your education and set yourself up for success in your career. Ontario Job Futures, National Occupational Classification, Canadian Occupational Projection System, Professional Occupations in Public Relations and Communications, Explore Careers by Education Program, Toronto Employment Labour Market Information.

All of the above noted references are linked to websites that in turn link to many other websites filled with useful information to plan your career based on your educational program of study. Some of the websites offer career projections, while other project wages and income levels, based on degree or other certification.

Be prepared to work smart to plan your future so that you will not have to work hard in the future. Working smart means evaluating options and applying the best strategies and incorporating tools in the best manner possible to meet your goals.

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