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Finding the Perfect Candidate – Is there one out there?

Finding the Perfect Candidate – Is there one out there?

By Marc Belaiche, CPA, CA

There is often talk of candidates looking for the perfect job but not as much is written about companies seeking the ideal candidate for their open positions.

This article will share some tips on what you can do to find your perfect candidate.

Concise and informative job description

Start with a clear description of the position requirements. One or two pages is sufficient to allow you to focus on what is truly important in the role.

Define “perfect candidate”

Based on the job description, compose a list of the qualifications required for the position. Be as specific as possible – experience, skills, location, communication style and compensation. As you consider candidates, compare their backgrounds to your list.

Use recruiters/headhunters

Provide the recruiter with a list of expected qualifications and let them headhunt for that candidate. You will find that recruiters can connect with candidates who are passively searching for jobs who wouldn’t necessarily be within your reach.

Exercise patience and flexibility

Keep in mind that finding the most suitable candidate may take longer than anticipated. If you get to a point where the ideal candidate isn’t materializing and the urgency to fill the position increases, drop the least important requirements from your list. Some companies wait too long for the candidate who has everything and miss those who can do the job well.

If your list changes, make sure to communicate this information to everyone involved in the candidate search.

Cast a wide net

Use as many avenues as possible to find candidates including your website, social media, email communications, advertising and newsletters. Also, there may suitable previous colleagues that you can reach out to about the position.

Connect with local associations

Informing local associations about the requirements of the position is often useful. Connect with the President of that chapter as they may be able to announce the position at an event or include in their newsletters.


Previous rejection from an excellent candidate doesn’t necessarily mean they’re forever disinterested. Touch base later on to see if they’ve changed their minds about discussing the position.


Use all the avenues available to find perfect candidates. They are out there, but they are typically harder to find and take longer to recruit.


Marc Belaiche is a CPA, CA and is President of, an Internet recruitment business and recruiting firm located in the Greater Toronto Area. Marc is also the author of the book “Tales from the Recruiter”. Marc has been in the recruitment industry since 1995. allows companies to post their positions online, search a resume database to find candidates, provides outplacement services and full temporary and permanent recruitment services. also allows candidates to search and apply to positions directly online and get career, interviewing and resume tips all at no charge. Marc is also President of, an organization geared towards business owners ( and has the annual Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference ( You can reach Marc at and check out at

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