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Workplace Etiquette Pointers

Special Entry By Adeodata Czink- Owner of Business of Manners

Getting along with others in the workplace is a crucial skill for career success. Here are a few pointers for smoothing over any rough edges.

  •  ·       Get into the habit of being punctual. Nothing bothers other employees more than you getting the same salary but working ten minutes less each day. That amounts to nearly an hour a week!
  •  ·       If you need to make a personal call in the office—and who has not been in this situation at least once—make it brief and make it quiet. Nobody likes to hear you fight with your spouse over the phone while they are trying to keep a professional front with your boss in the next office.
  •          The lunchroom is not yours. It belongs to you and all of your co-workers together. Make sure you do not dominate the equipment (microwave, fridge, kettle) and clean up after yourself. Make room for others to sit down. Though the lunchroom is not a white cloth formal area, your table manners should be good at all times.
  •            If you eat at your desk, which most people recommend that you don’t do, expect to be interrupted. After all, you are at your desk.
  •           Dress so that clients and co-workers take you seriously. Make sure that your clothing reflects who you are and where you are heading in your career. If anything, dress for the next position up.
  •  ·       Your focus is to always be on good terms with everyone. Getting along with different personalities is difficult at times but since the Universe has put them here for your learning, see what teachings you can draw from your interactions with them.

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